Leopard is the New Black

Leopard Print is the New Black. Animal print has been around awhile. Top fashion designers are really using these prints in their designs and have been for a few years. It is safe to say that Leopard print is not a trend. It has truly become a fashion neutral in today's wardrobe. 

Everywhere I turn I see Bags, shoes, shirts, dresses, pants, tops, scrunchies, nails that are immersed with leopard. This print looks fabulous combined with solid colors (Red,Pink,Turquoise,Blue)  and really adds texture and depth to any style. 

If your not a big fan of leopard you can still give it a try with just a hint of it such as this adorable Leopard crossbody ($28) to give your solids a little boost. A simple pair of jeans can totally transform a Leopard top ($27) and still look on point and casual. You can even take a Leopard Cardi/Kimono ($29) and dress is up for work or dinner with black solids. 

Animal print is no longer a just a fad but it was really evolved into a timeless classic. Leopard print can take you to the opera or to a rock concert. It is that versatile and so easy to wear. Don't forget that Leopard print this fall season does not have to break the bank. There are many very affordable options out there to spruce up or take your fall wardrobe to the next level.

Until next time my #StyleIt #Fashionistas 



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